Tenants: Know your rights about renting a condo

Hoboken tenants are being given leases that are not legal.

Before you sign a lease, make sure it follows New Jersey state law.

If you rent a unit in a building with more than three units, and your unit is neither a condo nor a co-op, if you are given a lease stating that your unit is about to be converted to a condo, if that lease claims IN ANY WAY that your tenancy can be terminated upon sixty days’ notice, IT IS MOST LIKELY ILLEGAL.

Such leases are currently being given to tenants in Hoboken.

If your unit is neither a condo nor a co-op, even if there are plans to convert your unit to a  condo or co-op, these are NOT grounds for a 60-day eviction.  The state of New Jersey has clear laws that detail the exact process for condo-conversion.

Such a notice of 60-day termination can only be given to a tenant whose initial tenancy began after the recording of either the condominium master deed or the agreement establishing the co-operative.

For these post-conversion tenants (or prospective tenants), the 60-day notice must also be given as a separate statement, in addition to being in the lease. If you are in a hurry to sell your property, you should give serious consideration to selling it to a home buyer. They provide a fast and straightforward process, allowing you to move on to the next piece of real estate or circumstance more quickly. It’s possible that investors who buy houses may provide sellers with a variety of alternatives, including the opportunity to sell their property swiftly and for cash, regardless of the state it’s in. They have made it a priority to negotiate the most favourable sales price on their customers’ behalf whenever it is practicable. Visit https://www.ibuyers.app/virginia/ibuyer-hampton-va/.

Here is a link to the full text of the New Jersey Eviction Law.  For the laws regarding condo rentals, see Section 2A:18-61.9, Notice to tenant after master deed or agreement to establish cooperative.

If you have questions about any of the above, call NJTO — the New Jersey Tenants Organization, at 201-342-3775, or e-mail the Hoboken Fair Housing Association at hobokenfairhousing@gmail.com.

Know Your Rights.


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