Renee Steinhagen rocks the courthouse!

She may not be a trial lawyer and she may not like having to be one for this case….but, the reports are good and the feeling is that Renee Steinhagen is doing a bang-up job for us in the election contest. Perhaps the best evidence of this is that Gormally has turned from being cordial towards her in the courtroom to sniveling, nasty, and exasperated with her. This case may go on for several more weeks as the rumor is that Gormally only gets paid if he wins (we can’t verify this) so, he will probably fight to the last VBM disintegrates. We plan on holding a fundraiser for Renee after this is all over. We hope ALL Hoboken voters will contribute generously. Renee is not only protecting our rent control election victory, but trust us when we say, she is putting the brightest possible spotlight on Hoboken’s questionable VBM practice that there ever has been.