Rent board members needed

Do you want a majority of board members that support rent control? Can you give 2 evenings a month? (about 2-4 hours a month) If so, please put in your application at city hall. The application is on the city’s website; you can download it, fill it out, get it notarized and drop it off between 8:00 and 4:00 Monday through Friday. Five board members have been re-appointed. There are 7 spots and currently one person that has not been re-appointed is in holdover status. (A verrrrry landlord friendly board member, if we might add.) This member will stay in holdover status unless 2 more board members are appointed. It’s a precarious situation and we urge everyone to seriously consider putting in an application. Rent board meetings are held the 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month and they commence at 6:30.

Addendum posted February 27th, 2014:

Further to our previous post about encouraging Hoboken tenants to apply for a seat on the Rent Leveling Board, the Rent Board meetings typically are not long, often only 20 minutes, rarely more than an hour, and usually (as previously mentioned) on Wednesday evenings.

THE SIMPLE FACT is that if the only applicants for a seat on the board are landlord-friendly, that’s going to have a BIG (read HARMFUL) effect on how Hoboken’s Rent Control ordinance will be interpreted and administered for ALL tenants — you, me, and every tenant in town. If you’re a Facebook HFHA friend and tenant, and if you want to help insure that rent control has a future here, please CONSIDER being someone who will help tip the balance of the make-up of the rent board.