Addressing Affordability Crisis in Hoboken

Word from Renee Steinhagen, Executive Director at NJ Appleseed Public Interest Law Center on her meeting with the law firm that has agreed to help her help Hoboken get answers to the legal details of creating a Community Land Trust (CLT) in Hoboken that can provide permanently affordable housing for our residents.

A couple of weeks ago, Director Brown, Hoboken’s Community Development Director, Jim Doyle, Hoboken Councilman-at-LargeVanessa Falco Council At Large HobokenTiffanie Fisher, Councilwoman – Hoboken 2nd WardJen for Hoboken – 6th Ward Councilwoman, residents Sheila BrennanMichael Evers and Cheryl Fallick met for an initial 1st meeting with Renee so that she could put together a list of questions which she, in turn, provided to her lawyers.

Renee advised that the law firm was very engaged and looking forward to doing the research and providing the answers that we need to get the ball rolling. They also provided her with contact details for some of the most knowledgeable people in the area on the creation of a CLTs. Apparently, NJ Appleseed has received overwhelming support from around the state from lawyers, legislators and housing specialists. all willing to help her help us make this happen here.

Ultimately, we will need to look to our elected officials and the Mayor to take this on. Hopefully, they will all be engaged and enthusiastic about uncovering a possible way for Hoboken to address it’s displacement and affordability crisis.

We’ll see.

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