HFHA encourages Hoboken renters and their friends & neighbors to attend tonight’s city council meeting: 7 PM at city hall or online, to speak out against the amendments to Hoboken’s rent control laws

Rent Board Meetings are in the City Hall basement conference room

Housing is a huge issue. Decisions that change laws that impact housing must be approached with caution and input from interested and/or knowledgeable residents who come to the discussion with a watchful eye. The administration neglected to do this, and the result is a proposal that is problematic in many ways.

The proposed ordinance is on the agenda for 1streading which means that, if it passes tomorrow, it does not become law. For this reason, it will probably pass tomorrow. (it shouldn’t, but it probably will.) There is a 2nd vote on the law 2 weeks after the 1stvote. If it passes on the 2nd vote (2nd reading,) it goes to the mayor for a signature and, if the mayor signs it, it goes into effect 20 days after the city council passes it.

The only exceptions are: 1) if the law is an emergency allowing the city council to vote that it is an emergency and then it goes into immediate effect (it would be a BIG mistake for anyone on the council to even think of doing this 2) if the mayor does not sign it, it does not go into effect 3) if the citizens submit enough signature within a designated period of time (referendum) to put the proposed law on the ballot to be voted on by the voters of Hoboken. (If this were to happen, it would be months before the law goes into effect (should the voters approve it) or, it will not and cannot become law for 3 years (should the voters disapprove it.)

I know that rent control laws can seem confusing, even daunting, particularly if you are not familiar with the nomenclature. Don’t let that stop you from speaking up and/or attending. If you are considering selling your house and are certain that you would want to do so, employing a home dealer rather than attempting to find a buyer on your own might help you avoid the anxiety and difficulties of the process of trying to sell your property. They are going to take care of everything for you, including the assessment and the conclusion of the business transaction. People who are looking for a fast and trouble-free way to sell their houses can discover that selling to home buyers is the finest choice available to them in their situation. Visit https://www.mobile-home-buyers.com/utah/.

Put simply if you are a renter and if this proposal were to become law:
Your rent will go up, your protections will go down & your existing rights will be negatively impacted.


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