Local Election Watch on Affordability and Displacement


A clip from today’s Hudson Media Group 6th Ward debates between 2 of the 3 candidates running in the 6th Ward. Frank Rosner (challenger) and Jen for Hoboken – 6th Ward Councilwoman (Jen Giattino – incumbant.) Cristin Cricco-Powell did not attend (challenger.)

The question was:

How will you keep Hoboken’s rent protections in place with so many absentee property owners trying to weaken it?

Frank states that we should maintain the rent control laws. He focuses mostly on commercial properties and the vacant storefronts in town.

Jen’s immediate response was, ‘keep me as your council person’ (as a way to ensure we keep our rent protections.) She shares how she became familiar with the issue of displacement since she was first elected and shares 2 specific incidents where she intervened and was able to help ensure that the tenants in displacement situations were able to stay in their homes.

HFHA can verify that both of the situations to which Council President Giattino refers occurred and that both tenants, with her assistance, avoided displacement. One tenant was able to purchase her apartment (condo.) The other has, sadly, succumbed to the terminal illness he was dealing with at the time that the property owner attempted to increase his monthly rent via a hardship application by over 1K/mo. He was able to stay in his home until he passed away without a rent increase.
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Watch the entire taped debate HERE. (Note: some technical/audio tests at beginning, lol)


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