No outreach to tenants for rent-controlled building teardowns

We’ve attended 2 zoning board meetings (virtually) in the last couple of weeks. Over the course of these 2 meetings 3 different tear-down/replacement plans were heard or partially heard. Collectively in these 3 tear downs (total of 5 buildings being torn down) there are 25 rent-controlled properties that will be eliminated. The 3 projects collectively have 42 units. One project includes 4 affordable units. If these projects are all rentals only 2 would be rent controlled although the base rent will be at exorbitant market rate as one replacement building (where there are currently 4 rental units) will only have two units (3–4-bedroom apartments) which I suspect won’t be rentals.

Two of the 5 buildings being torn down are completely vacant. I don’t know for how long but, regardless, Hoboken has anti-warehousing laws and buildings are not allowed to be vacant for more than 60 days. At least two of the buildings have some occupancy. Check on,

The zoning board REFUSES to consider the tearing down of rent controlled properties as a negative criterion even though there is wide latitude in the municipal land use laws on what can be considered a detriment to the public good and no notification is made to the rent leveling board of planned tear downs although, ironically, notification IS made to the shade tree commission about trees that will be included in any plan and the shade tree commission weighs in on the trees. There is ZERO outreach to the tenants to explain their rights.


This is a serious and urgent problem and, if you ask me, what is going on is the city is an administration that is tacitly and effectively ending rent control via wrecking ball.

We really must organize to stop this practice.

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