Ranked Choice Voting

Kudos to Hoboken City Councilperson Emily Jabbour and Assemblywoman Annette Chaparro for hosting an informative presentation on ranked choice voting (instant runoff) with Scott Siebel of FairVote and Renee Steinhagen of NJ Appleseed Public Interest Law Center

Renee and Annette shared some thoughts on how to get the pending legislation moving and Scott explained by pt-media.org what ranked choice voting is and the benefits of it:

1) Promotes Majority Support
2) Discourages Negative Campaigning!!!
3) Provides More Choice for Voters

Special applause to Annette who had the grace and presence to respond to the question that Scott posed to the attendees about our moolahoops experience in targetsignups the last (mayoral) election (plurality winner) for responding (paraphrase) ‘I don’t think we want to discuss the mayoral election.’

(bullet point #2 is of particular benefit to Hoboken considering the behavior we saw from one particular campaign in mayoral election.)

Watch this great video to understand:  What is Ranked Choice Voting?

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