Urgent: Hoboken Family Displaced by Fire






         Seeking temporary and/or permanent rental
                    NEEDED IMMEDIATELY
Maximum rent: $1,500-$2,000, depending on size & whether temporary or permanent rental.
This is a family of five with three school-age or younger children.
For short-term rental, a one-bedroom or studio apartment. For permanent rental, a two- or three-bedroom is needed.
This family is hoping to return to their fire-damaged apartment, and they should be able to. But they are concerned that regardless of their rights, this being Hoboken, that might not happen. The family wants to stay in Hoboken and have no preference for which part of town, and they have no disabilities, so walk-ups are fine. They have no pets.
     PLEASE CALL HFHA at 201-589-1892 IF YOU CAN HELP 

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